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The Daughters of the Holy Cross are the front line of the prayer ministry of St. Thomas of Canterbury with a prayer ministry that not only handles the needs of our parishioners but those far beyond our parish.  The Daughters are called to a ministry of prayer so all those who are in need of this ministry are invited to include their request whether you are a parishioner of St. Thomas of Canterbury or not.

In their ministry, confidentiality is important, thus Daughters consider all requests as confidential and not subjects of discussion outside of that needed to pray for you so you can trust that your information is handled with the utmost of discretion.

Normally, prayer requests are routed to the Daughters, who pray daily from the list and may send you a prayer in response.  Our ministry staff (clergy and deaconess) receive updated copies of the prayer list monthly. If you need someone on our ministry staff to be aware of your request more immediately please indicate that in your request or email them directly from this page.

Due to many spam entries in our form, we have instituted Google reCAPTCHA seciurity to verify that only actual people are making these requests.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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We strive to be sensitive with your prayer requests. We realize that some people may want the broader parish to know of their requests and pray for them while others will not. If you do wish the broader parish to know of your request and pray for you, please check below.